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Avi Domoshevizki is an author, high-tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and guest lecturer at leading Israeli business schools.

His mandatory military service was performed in the communications corps, which was important, but not exciting, so Avi volunteered for the Paratroopers Brigade, where he served until the age of 45.

Avi holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in business from a joint program of Boston University and Ben-Gurion University. 

As a businessman, Avi was a creator – of new products, new companies, and new jobs. In recent years he has turned that creativity to the business of writing techno-thrillers. In his writing he describes the world he knows so intimately – the high-tech startups and venture capital. In one of his reviews on Amazon he was described as the Grisham of the high-tech world.

Avi wrote a number of short stories before publishing his first novel, “Green Kills,” a medical thriller set in the fast-paced world of high-tech startups and venture capital. His second novel, "Death Sum Game", has addressed some of the most frightening aspects of the cyber world. In his third book, "In the Wrong Hands," Avi exposes the readers to the unknown threats of criminal DNA manipulation, a subject that was addressed by researchers six month after the book was published, describing it as the worst nightmare of law enforcement and courts around the world. All his books are rated over 4.5.

When he’s not writing, he is a sought-after guest speaker on the subject of entrepreneurship, visiting universities as well as private companies. He lectures frequently at leading universities including the Israel Institute of Technology (The Technion), the Tel Aviv University Recanati Business School -- Lahav Executive Education, and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College, where he is a proud member of the board of governors. 

Avi lives in Tel Aviv and is happily married. He is the proud father of two daughters and the even prouder grandfather of three grandchildren.

After nearly thirty years of fascinating activity in the world of high tech, I felt the time had come to realize an old dream and write a book. The natural, obvious step was to write about the world I knew best! And so I came up with the idea of writing a thriller revolving around the secret world of venture capital funds and their complex relationship with the companies in which they invest.

Although the book is entirely a product of my imagination, I won’t deny that it contains quite a few events that I personally experienced, which made the writing process into a challenging personal journey, as well.

green kills

Once I finished writing my first book, it was clear to me that I would write another thriller – and that this time, the protagonist would be a high-tech entrepreneur, a role I enjoyed filling for sixteen years.

If there’s anything certain about the world of entrepreneurship, it’s the fact that exactly when everything is looking good – that’s the most obvious indication that trouble is about to befall the company.

I called the book Incidental Hero as a tribute to all those “heroes” who stood by me throughout my lengthy career, and who always found a unique, unconventional way to solve “insolvable” problems.

Incidental Hero